Hyaluronidase - dissolution of hyaluronic acid

Regain beauty and self-confidence after a failed hyaluronic acid treatment.

In our aesthetic medicine centre, we perfectly understand how important it is to be satisfied with your appearance. That is why we offer hyaluronidase treatment as an effective solution for people who want to quickly and safely get rid of imperfections resulting from improper injections of hyaluronic acid.

Our experienced specialists will approach your case individually, providing you with the highest standard of care and comfort during the procedure.

Thanks to the precise administration of hyaluronidase, we will remove unwanted fillers, restoring your skin’s natural texture and balance.

  • The treatment is very similar to the administration of hyaluronic acid. After a detailed interview and anaesthesia of the treatment site, we apply hyaluronidase using a very thin needle in the place where the filler was previously injected.
  • After application of the enzyme, bruising or swelling may appear, which will disappear over time.
  • The effects of dissolving hyaluronic acid should be visible approximately 3 days after the hyaluronidase treatment.
  • The procedure itself is very safe and minimally invasive, but like any other procedure, it has certain contraindications that make it impossible to perform, so it is important to inform the centre staff about possible contraindications to its performance.

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Before we start your beauty adventure, we recommend a consultation with our experienced team. We would like to emphasise how important your safety, comfort and individual approach are to us. Before the procedure, we conduct a detailed consultation to discuss expectations and possible contraindications. Trust the professionals – our team of aesthetic medicine specialists at Med Beauty are ready to help you achieve the desired results.

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