Retix C - intensive anti-aging therapy

Regain your youth during one of the most effective cosmetology treatments, Retix C.

Retix C is an intensive rejuvenating and brightening therapy that reduces wrinkles, perfectly smooths your skin and evens out its colour, giving it a youthful glow. The secret of Retix C’s effectiveness is a unique blend of active ingredients, including retinol (5%), vitamin C (15%) and an antioxidant complex (30%).

What does the Retix C treatment look like?

  1. Skin cleansing – Specially developed preparations cleanse the skin, preparing it for the absorption of active ingredients.
  2. Application of the Retix C mixture – A unique formula containing retinoic acid and vitamin C is applied to the skin to penetrate deeply and start the regeneration process.
  3. Stimulation of collagen production – Active ingredients stimulate skin cells to produce collagen, improving firmness and elasticity.

This comprehensive treatment is used:

  • during rejuvenation therapy,
  • against wrinkles,
  • to combat imperfections,
  • to smooth furrows,
  • for reducing stretch marks and scars,
  • for cleansing the skin.

Retix C treatments are perfect for fighting the first signs of aging, stimulating skin cells to fully regenerate. Discover your most beautiful version with Retix C – your path to radiant skin full of freshness and youthful vitality!

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