Treatments with Vagheggi cosmetics

Treatments with Vagheggi cosmetics – A carefully developed recipe offering the best of nature.

The cosmetics line of the Italian brand Vagheggi combines tradition with modernity. The recipes are based only on natural ingredients, which, combined with innovative technologies, make Vagheggi products real gems in the world of skin care.

  • Each cosmetic recipe is carefully developed with a specific skin type in mind, ensuring the highest quality of components and obtaining the appropriate concentration of active ingredients.
  • High efficiency and safe use are guaranteed by strict compliance with standards during the production process and quality control.

At Med Beauty, we offer our clients treatments with Vagheggi cosmetics:

Vagheggi Rehydra treatment – Deep moisturising and care

Choose a real treat for your skin, providing it with intense hydration and nourishment thanks to the Vagheggi Rehydra treatment at Med Beauty.

Thanks to carefully selected Vagheggi products, this treatment will nourish the skin, restoring its natural moisture balance. Rehydra quenches the thirst of all skin types from the outside, helping to naturally retain water inside. Gentle preparations containing ingredients of plant origin penetrate deeply into the skin, soothing all signs of dryness and fatigue. The whole thing is complemented by an unforgettable beautiful scent during the treatment.

Vagheggi Rehydra at Med Beauty is not only skin care, it is real relaxation for the senses. Delicate aromas and pleasant textures of cosmetics create a relaxing atmosphere that allows you to forget about everyday stress. After completing this treatment, the skin becomes soft, radiant and full of life.

Vagheggi 75 15 treatment – Royal anti-wrinkle treatment for people with sagging skin problems

The Vagheggi 75 15 treatment is unique in the world of skin care and wrinkle reduction, ensuring comprehensive regeneration and rejuvenation. It is an extraordinary experience that allows the skin to regain its radiance, firmness and youthful elasticity.

  • During this treatment, specially selected cosmetics obtained from resin crystals secreted by Pistacia lentiscus slow down skin aging and sagging.
  • Thanks to the unique combination of natural ingredients and advanced technologies, the skin is intensively moisturised, nourished and protected against free radicals.
  • This treatment restores the skin’s firm appearance, reduces signs of fatigue and stress, leaving it silky smooth and radiant.

Vagheggi 75 15 at Med Beauty is a 90-minute anti-wrinkle treatment during which delicate scents and soothing touches make every moment a moment of blissful relaxation and luxury.

Vit C – Radiant and healthy appearance

The Vit C Vagheggi treatment is a real feast for the skin, providing it with immediate extraordinary nourishment and revitalisation.

This exclusive treatment based on vitamin C, with 100% Calabrian orange juice and other ingredients is the key to healthy, young-looking skin.

VIT C contains the highest quality ingredients such as:

  • orange peel and pulp with a high dose of vitamin C;
  • lime butter, which has antioxidant properties, activates microcirculation and brings relief;
  • jojoba oil rich in natural antioxidants, with nourishing and protective properties;
  • calendula oil, which nourishes and soothes.

Thanks to the use of the highest quality Vagheggi ingredients rich in natural extracts, the skin is intensively moisturised, nourished and protected against harmful environmental factors. Vitamin C acts as a strong antioxidant, supporting the natural regeneration process of the skin and brightening its colour.

The effects of the Vit C Vagheggi treatment at Med Beauty are visible immediately. The skin becomes visibly refreshed, firmer, and its colour becomes even and radiant. It’s not just a care treatment, it’s a real boost of energy for the skin. The scents of fresh fruit and gentle touches during the treatment create an atmosphere of relaxation. The Vit C Vagheggi treatment is not only an investment in beautiful skin, it is also an investment in self-confidence and the radiance of your appearance.

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